Violent offenders are not allowed a bond

Violent offenders are not allowed a bond

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Amy Lynn started this petition to United States Supreme Court and

First and foremost, my name is Amy, I am not from Alabama, I am from Kentucky. this story powered me to want to make a change in how judges handle violent offenders. I was not asked to make this petition,  I did this in hopes of making a change

 and this is why, 


In the Aniah Blanchard missing persons case, the person of interest/ suspect has previous charges as in, attempt of murder of a police officer two counts; as well a lot of different charges following that , in 2019 the same offender struck again, where he was arrested and charged with kidnapping, and another attempt of murder charge, where this offender nearly killed his victims! this man was released out on bond afterwards, in which He is now a current suspect in the missing persons  case and disappearance of Aniah Blanchard, whose condition is yet to be known, officers have evidence however that suggest foul play. 

Aniah’s family filed a missing person report on October 24th 2019, in the state of Alabama in United States.  Aniah is a 19 year female, who had stopped at a gas station near her house  on her way home to grab a snack, law enforcement believe the crime that has  Aniah missing, and a victim happened shortly after Aniah had let  the gas station. Her SUV was found in a completely different town then the one Aniah lives in, as well as the one she attends college in.  Police  discovered Aniah's missing SUV , during that discovery of her vehicle, police found damage to the SUV that was not there prior to Aniah going missing. Inside of her SUV police found evidence in which like I said above, that suggested foul play , or that Aniah had been harmed. 

This man should of never been released on bond, or even walking the streets after he attempted to murder an officer in 2012, and continued his violent path after being released from those charges , went on to victimize more people, including but not limited to, Aniah Blanchard. 

 Something MUST be done!!! We need more stricter programs for violent offenders, we cannot allow this to happen! 

 A repeat  violent  offender should not have an option for bond,  a first time  violent offender must serve at least 85 percent of their sentence before giving a bond, or being released. and a repeat violent offender must serve  100 percent of their sentence!! And should not, and cannot be eligible for parole , or probation Until they have done so.  The sentence served should be mandatory, and an offender with a violent offense should not be released on “good time“.

i also think if someone is a suspect in a violent case, and has been arrested for a charge that deals with a violent case , the suspect  should remain in custody until a verdict is read on the case, to protect society. And they should have no bond available especially if the suspect has put the victim at a grave risk. 

if you would like to read more on the Aniah Blanchard case I have posted a link for you. 


 If this moves forward, and is made a law, I would like for the name of the law to be  named “The Aniah  Blanchard law” so when a judge even thinks about releasing a violent offender they will be reminded of what happened to Aniah , and why releasing a violent offender is a threat to society, and our children. 

Thank you, please sign and share this.

god bless, Sincerely,

Amy Crum

44,074 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!