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The state of Georgia is planning to execute an innocent man on Wednesday, the 30th of October. Ray Cromartie was wrongfully convicted of the murder of Richard Slysz in 1994. 

Despite various requests for DNA testing from Ray's attorneys, the State has continuously denied the request, stating it has only been requested in order to: "delay Ray's execution". Cromartie and his attorneys claim that DNA testing will prove Cromartie's innocence. Cromartie will not submit a formal request for clemency as he still maintains his innocence, therefore, even a sentence of life in prison would not be fair. 

Richard Slysz's daughter, Elizabeth Legette, also requests that the State agrees to DNA testing:

"My father's death was senseless. Executing another man would also be senseless, especially if he may not have shot my father".

“Today I learned that the State has set a date to execute Mr. Cromartie without doing any testing. This is wrong, and I hope that you will take action to make sure that the testing happens.”

It is unjust to execute a man based on the witness testimonies of the two other men involved in the crime. One of whom has been wanted for an alleged parole violation since 2015. Physical evidence only shows that Cromartie was at the place of the murder, no physical evidence proves he shot Slysz or ever touched the gun used. The only way to ensure Ray Cromartie receives a fair sentence is to allow DNA testing. If the state of Georgia does not allow DNA testing, they risk an unjust execution.

We do not forget the undeniable grief and tremendous pain suffered by Richard Slysz and his loved ones. However, this execution will bring no peace or closure to Richard Slysz's family, especially when it has not been confirmed that Ray Cromartie was the one who pulled the trigger. If anything, executing a man who may be innocent, means the killer may still be free. 

We believe it is unjust to deny Ray Cromartie the chance to prove his innocence with DNA testing. We demand that DNA testing is completed and that the execution of Ray Jefferson does not go forward. 



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