Remove Amy Coney Barrett from supreme court justice seat (we the people should decide)

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It was the same government that denied Obama his right to choose a supreme court justice with about a year of time to decide that is now allowing Donald Trump, a criminal who does not pay taxes, commits hate crimes, and was impeached for unlawful conduct, to chose who will decide the laws that rule over us, the american people. This is a huge obstruction of justice and we cannot stand for it!

I'm looking to show that the majority of us in the united states and our territories, as well as any with family here are NOT going to stand for this! A criminal should NOT decide the person to uphold the law. A traitor to the country should NOT have the highest say of all. And a person who wants to take away the rights of we the people should NOT be in that chair. His other delegates themselves are unfit but as president he had say. I say now that under the obstruction of justice Obama received, so should Trump to show a sense of justice and equality, lest the government be ready to see us rally in great numbers, and show that we want equal rights for all races and genders and will not tolerate this country turning into a corporate playground as the poor and needy suffer more and more.

If you are a Trump supporter AND stand for american principles, then I suggest you sign this too as if you really think the majority of this country is in favor of him, then you should let him decide when (and if, as we all know deep down he is unfit and undeserving to be) re-elected by the majority!

If you stand for justice, sign this petition. And if you care, and they chose not to listen to us, may they be prepared for the natural consequences of ignoring the american people. We are not a monarch, and one man, one criminal, should not chose  the fate of our laws. Have you still not signed this?? Show them our numbers!!