Pass Motley's Law

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My sweet boy, Motley, who came into our home only days ago from a shelter, died today of previous, severe abuse and the distemper virus. For two days around the clock, we did what we could to help him recover using every possible method to help him heal. I have seen and felt too much pain seeing sweet souls like Motley be abused & abandoned. I am sure you have too.

You are probably also just as infuriated and enraged as I am to see animal abusers consistently get away with these horrific crimes.

Animal Abuse has to stop and the Abusers must be seen as criminals to be imprisoned by the law.

The law must pursue animal abusers with the same zest and unrelenting passion, as it pursues criminals who abused human victims.

Many shelters do what they can and more to save, nurture, and find new homes for these innocent victims. The law must step up and help!

  • Animals aren't things, but the law sees them as such. Animal abusers are criminals, but the law either doesn't catch them, or often only slaps them on the wrist.
  • Animals must be recognized by the law as living, conscious & intelligent beings like us.

Help me pass “Motley’s Law” to recognize all animals to have the same value as humans and put abusers in prison, once and for all!