Justice for Lodose's Dog!

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Recently my friends dog has been taken by the police after his neighbour made claims of the said dog killing his chicken(s). Even if the neighbour winning the case is very unlikely, if he does the dog will be put down. We can not let this happen! A dog is not just another mashine we designed to accomplish a task, he/she is a family member, a part of our lifes! How would you react if someone were to come to your house and straight up kill a part of your family? Even if the dog may have killed the chicken(s), his instincts have lead him to do it, not out of joy or because he was hungry. It is impossible to remove these instincts. Would you kill your cat because she killed and brought you a mouse? Would you kill your snake because she ate a rat? No! That is why we need to support Lodose, let us unite and fight against something that is wrong!