End Qualified Immunity!

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Government officials act like laws don’t apply to them. Because of qualified immunity, they don’t.

The Supreme Court created qualified immunity in 1982. With that, the court granted all government officials immunity for violating constitutional and civil rights unless the victims of those violations can show that the rights were “clearly established.”

What does that mean? It requires a victim to identify an earlier decision by the Supreme Court, or a federal appeals court in the same jurisdiction that precisely the same conduct, under the same circumstances, is illegal or unconstitutional. If none exists, the official is immune.

If you’ve ever wondered why government officials don’t seem to care about your rights or the Constitution, qualified immunity is why.

Government officials are expected to hold themselves to a higher standard. We, the people, expect them to operate at a higher standard. Qualified immunity is not something that should exist.

Government officials should have no concern about qualified immunity if they don’t infringe on citizens rights. If a government official deprives a citizen of their rights, the citizen should have recourse against the official.

End qualified immunity.

This petition is going to the House of Representatives (every representatives office), the Senate (every senators office) and the Supreme Court. If you believe victims should be able to get recourse from the officers who violated their rights, then please sign and share.