Change The Process of Service Law for Criminal Cyberstalkers

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Cyberstalking is becoming a growing issue and the laws have not caught up with it just yet. For the past decade over 1000+ victims have been subjected to Cyberstalking, bullying, and death threats by Dangerous Predator On The Run named Matthew Berdyck. Matthew Berdyck is a man who is homeless by choice and for a very specific reason. He is running from Service of Process in multiple states. If he were to get off the streets and into a home, he would be located and served in a matter of days.

This is an issue for his victims because many victims are seeking a Restraining Order against Matthew Berdyck because he has stalked, harassed, and even threatened bodily harm or death.

In the United States, when someone places your life in danger or stalks you, you have the right to file for an Order of Protection OR Restraining Order through the court system in your state. You must prove your case, in order to get there order. However, there is one small catch. In the United States when you file for an Order of Protection OR Restraining Order, you must have a sheriff locate and serve that individual the paperwork. Now, this is fine if you know where the individual lives or works. But what if this person is homeless by choice individual who jumps from state to state in order to keep you from locating them?

If you are not able to locate the individual and have them served, then they are legally able to continue cyberstalking and harassing you until you do.

Unfortunately, Matthew Berdyck is a man who knows this very fact and games the legal system because of it. Even though Matthew Berdyck is a homeless man, he is a homeless man with the latest iPhone 11 Max, and an Apple Macbook Air. Matthew Berdyck operates multiple websites used as weaponized social media platforms. Matthew Berdyck travels across the country attempting to con anyone he comes in contact with into giving him free money by claiming he is an experimental filmmaker, activist, musician, and US travel expert, and that he is most notably known for his national environmental campaigns.

This is far from the truth. However, most people in the United States fall for this scam.


Because as previously mentioned Matthew Berdyck operates websites that are run solely by him in order to give him a professional and credible presence to the naive. When a person catches onto this scam and calls him out on it, this is when the stalking begins. He starts to create websites and articles such as Daily Independent Journal and Toxic Waste Sites with precision SEO about you and your family all over the internet. Causing anyone who looks up anything about you or your family on major search engines to see negative results written solely by him right away. It doesn't just stop there. He goes as far as to contact your friends, employers, customers, business partners and begins spreading nothing but lies and his version of the truth, claiming to be a victim of you in the process. There have been a few instances where Matthew Berdyck has even threatened the lives of others. This can be extremely alarming especially when someone like Matthew Berdyck has a history of violence. Matthew Berdyck has even gone as far as to travel across the country just to assault someone who had an ACTIVE emergency restraining order issued against him.

How can we fix this issue?

This issue can be corrected by states or even the Federal Government stepping in and passing laws allowing an exception to personal service for individuals like Matthew Berdyck who evade Service of Process and continue to stalk and harass victims nationwide.