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Remove the picture of the GSD from post cards about dog attacks

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The picture on the post cards is 1) stereotyping German Shepherds to be vicious; 2) misleading; 3) spreading fear of a breed; 4) targeting a specific breed. NOT all German Shepherds are vicious or attack the mail carrier.

For example, my mother had a German Shepherd that thought IF you were there, you were there to visit her. I knew someone once who had a German Shepherd that he traind to fetch his mail for him. It had a vest with a compartment on it that the mail carrier could slip the mail into. It would wait patiently by the gate for the mail carrier each day. Not once was that mail carrier, nor any mail carrier bit by this dog.

This is from a former letter carrier, "I was a letter carrier for only 1 year and was charged 3 times, all by labs." In response to a friend's complaint about this, the US Postal Service itself said, "no matter how intimidating a dog may appear any dog is capable of biting, or inflicting bodily harm." Note, the US Postal Service itself says, "any dog." 

A friend of mine says, "I've been bitten 5 times in my life by a dog. All five times came from a chihuahua or a chihuahua mixed breed. My 2nd son has been bitten once. It was a chihuahua.  Two peeps - 6 bites.."

Any breed of dog can be vicious or bite. So why put a picture of a German Shepherd on something like that? It's not right, it's certainly not fair to the breed, and it's misleading and spreading fear that doesn't need to be spread.

This picture needs to be removed.

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