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Protect children from radiation exposure!

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TELL NRC: A little radiation is BAD for you. It can give you cancer and other diseases. Children are uniquely vulnerable.

Studies show that even natural background doses of radiation—doses we are normally, and inescapably, exposed to-- can give children cancer. Now people who deny the danger of radiation are wanting NRC to allow the public to be exposed to 50 to 100 times this amount in the form of artificial radioactivity, as from nuclear power industry releases. They want to allow this exposure even for “pregnant women, embryos and fetuses, and children under 18 years of age.”

Women are more vulnerable to radiation than men. Childhood and in utero life stages are the most vulnerable.

The NRC already allows nuclear power facilities to release enough radiation to double this dose each year, risking our and our children’s health. NRC should NOT adopt a "little radiation is good for you" model. Instead, they should fully protect the most vulnerable which they are failing to do now.

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