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Make horse slaughter illegal in the U.S.A

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Just because a horse is unwanted does that mean no one would love it? NO! There is always someone who wants to love an unwanted horse.

Each year hundreds of thousands of horses are slaughtered for human consumption (& other animal consumption, however, they cannot compete with prices and therefore the majority of horses are killed for human food). Though most Americans are opposed to horse slaughter, it is still legal in the United States.

A poem from a horse's eyes:
I risked my life to save you when you fell off of me. I loved you and I thought you loved me back. It was that one day when I tripped that one barell, you said I was useless and beat me. I was locked in a tiny hot cage with no food or water. I remeber the day you killed me. You put me in that room and that was when I faded into the blackness.

Obama is for animal rights, & you can be too.
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