Require police officers to be educated on social sciences before entering the force

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It’s clear that the system needs to change. The police training that is currently being implemented in departments across the country have failed time and time again, proving that changes need to be made within. Those who are given the power and trust to uphold justice and provide safety to citizens should be formally educated on how to care for other people.  #BlackLivesMatter

This petition is to require that police officers have some form of social science-related education before being able to enter the force. Obtaining a college degree in social work, psychology, etc. might be unattainable for some, so at the very least, it should be required that officers have to complete social science courses as a part of the requirements for joining. And those who are already a part of the force be required to take these courses as well. This education can continue to be tested and refreshed by implementing exams throughout the year to hold the officers accountable and make sure they don’t ignore or forget the information they learned.