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United States Justice Department: Investigate Conduct in Georgia's Southern Judicial District

Georgia's Southern Judicial District has a long, extended history of unintended, unexplained deaths in the Black community. The legacy of the Turner Lynchings of 1918 exemplify traits and tactics that can be traced to today's law environment. The many deaths at the Lowndes County jail, the circumstances surrounding the death of Stephon Edgerton, aka as Juan Gatti and the January 10, 2013 mysterious disappearance and subsequent discovery the body of KENDRICK KJ JOHNSON, a 17 year old tenth grader at Lowndes High School, in the old gym attests to a menace of governmental silence and secrecy. The public needs a Judicial Circuit that works for all. We plead and beg you, please give JUSTICE vision in the Southern Judicial Circuit.

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