Preserving America!

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I have loved the ocean ever since I was little. Now, I'm 14 years-old and I am worried about a new bill which threatens our environment and marine animals. This bill will make it easier for oil companies to drill on public lands and chips away at regulations to protect marine animals.

Sign my petition to say no to the fossil fuel industry’s attack on marine animals and our environment.

The Strengthening the Economy with Critical Untapped Resources to Expand American Energy Act, or the SECURE American Energy Act would greatly expand access to fossil fuels and endanger marine animals. By chipping away at the Marine Mammal Act, this bill would make it easier for oil companies to hurt dolphins, whales, manatees and other marine animals in the process of drilling.

If you want to save what is left of America and take the next step forward, please sign this petition.

The bill would also threaten public lands that we all benefit from – whether as hikers, tourists, or just as people on this planet. We Americans care too much about our environment to lose it. We must preserve it for future generations so they too can participate in the recreational activities that are available to us.

I am not scared or hopeless because I am a kid. I believe anyone can do anything if they strongly believe in their cause – will you join us?