Help Keep America Safe by Preventing Mass Shootings

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According to the Guardian, in the past 1,870 days there have been 1, 624 mass shootings in America. We, as citizens of the united states should not have to be living in fear every second we enter a public event or public area. A School should be a place where students feel safe and protected so they can thrive in a supportive learning environment. Students should not be living in fear every single day, from the moment they walk through the gates to the moment they leave the premises. A concert should be a place where people spread love while enjoying music which unites them despite their differences. A church, or a temple or a mosque, any place of worship should be a safe place where people go to pray and feel protected by whomever or whatever they believe in. I personally believe in love, and the power of change. Thoughts and prayers will not bring back the 1875 lives which were lost because of a mass shooting in the past 1,870 days. However, taking action and uniting as a community for a common purpose will prevent such horror. At this point the question is not if there will be another shooting, but when. We do not need thoughts and prayers, we need policy and change.
The gunman who shot and killed seventeen innocent students and teachers at Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland Florida, purchased his military-style assault weapon legally. So did the man who in October who terrorized so many people at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas and killed more than 400 innocent people. So did the gunman who killed 49 innocent people at Orlando's Pulse nightclub in 2016. So did the gunman who in November killed 26 innocent worshipers at a Texas church. This is a reoccurring pattern. It should not be easy or legal for anyone to obtain a Military-style assault weapon. These are weapons of war, they should not be easily obtainable or legal for the average person. We are calling for the return of the 1994 Federal Assaults Weapon Ban. This ban was active between 1994 and 2004. While in place, the number of gun massacres decreased by 37%. When the ban was taken away, there was a 183% increase in gun massacres. The bill had banned assault weapons and high-capacity magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. By enacting this bill, we will not be able to stop every homicide, but we will see a dramatic decrease in mass shootings. It is imperative for the safety of our people that we ban assault weapons in America. Please help us protect ourselves, our children, our teachers, our parents, our families, all of our loved ones by signing this petition below to force congress to start working on a policy to ban military style assault weapons. It’s not enough to tweet thoughts and prayers, we need policy and change. 

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