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Regulate the killing of animals in the U.S.A. before it's too late.

It's ridiculous that the government continues to allow open season on animals. This article was taken from a website called Georgia Outdoor News ( I don't understand why this is being allowed. These animals are all a part of nature, and therefore should be protected, not destroyed because "it's fun" Please review the article below and give your feedback and sign the petition to tell the Government this HAS to be stopped! This article was copied and pasted from Facebook and the Georgia Outdoor News. I hold no copyright to it. I included it for facts to the cause

Trapping foxes in Montana requires NO License, NO Season, and has NO Limit and NO Mandated Reporting! How is that effective wildlife management? How many foxes do we have? How many farms and land have rodent population explosions? Deer are reported over management objectives and elk are reported above objectives in 70% of our state. What would the public say if they were "managed" this way? Photo is from the reported 13,000 foxes this PA Trapper killed. — at Photo from PA. But could happen here, if there were enough foxes to do so!

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