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United States Goverment: Make Forrest Park, Memphis, TN., a National Civil War Park. No Name Change.

Whereas, the Memphis City Council is trying to change the name of several Confederate historical parks inside the Memphis city limits,and 

Whereas, it is the right of all U.S. citizens to know their Heritage no matter on which side of a battle someone fought, whether upon American soil or foreign soil, and

Whereas, this is the final resting place of a veteran General of the Civil War, and

Whereas, it has been known as Forrest Park for over 100 years, and

Whereas, Nathan Bedford Forrest did do several public-minded actions after the Civil War,

Therefore, this park should be forever known as “Forrest Park” and registered as a National Civil War Park so that the name can never be changed, to help in keeping history alive.

"Obey the laws, preserve your honor, and the Government to which you have surrendered can afford to be, and will be, magnanimous." - N.B. Forrest

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