Ban the Trophy Hunting and Imports of Endangered Species of African Animals

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Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Zebras and more have been around on this earth much longer than the modern human, but they seem to be diminishing so fast in the last decades that some might never even be seen by our grandchildren. In just the last 20 or so years many species of wild African animals have been put on the endangered species list and some are very critically endangered. The diminishing numbers of these animals are caused by us humans. Trophy Hunting and poaching these wild animals for their tusks or hides has made a serious negative impact and we need to do something to save them. So far only backwards steps have been taken when in November of 2017 the ban of imports of elephant trophies was reversed. This is why we need to ban the trophy hunting and imports of these wild animals, specifically ban Americans from trophy hunting and make the imports illegal to bring into the U.S.

One example of the animals being hunted was the case of Cecil the Lion. Cecil was a Southern African Lion living on a reserve who was killed in July of 2015 by an American dentist. Cecil was first wounded for many hours before actually killed. This is not an unusual occurrence but made a big impact in the media and the hearts of many people. Cecil was a big attraction at the park where he lived and was being tracked by Oxford University in a scientific study. Just 2 years later in July of 2017 Cecil’s son Xanda was also killed as a trophy. Xanda was only 6 years old, a father of many cubs and was in his prime of life when killed. These examples are just a few out of the big picture. These animals are legally killed just to be hung on a wall, and the animals only keep dying.

There are only about 20,000 wild lions left in the world, 1/3 of their population has disappeared in just the last 20 years, and still almost 600 lions are killed legally each year. There are about 350,000 African Elephants left in the world, and 144,000 elephants were lost in just 7 years. Almost 27,000 elephants are poached each year still for their ivory tusks and can be legally imported to the U.S. currently. There are 2 Northern White Rhinos left on earth. 2 females of that species are left and still conservation efforts are not as much a priority as they should be.

We need to remember that we share our planet with many amazing creatures, and if we don’t take action we may never see some of them again. Sign this petition to show the country that trophy hunting and imports of endangered species should be illegal, and that we care about these animals.