Removal of marijuana from employment drug screening/ transition from urine to swab tests

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With marijuana use being so widely legalized, I would like to see the employment drug screenings to either remove marijuana from the test, or to transition to something that will only reflect if there has been ingestion within a more narrow window of time, such as oral swabs, which are quicker, and also less intrusive.

People should not be in danger of losing their jobs over legal recreational or medicinal marijuana use. If one can enjoy alcohol on a day off, then why can’t someone be allowed to use marijuana without it risking someone’s occupation?

So many other factors contribute to the security of our employment and it is simply unfair to penalize anyone for engaging in what is considered legal activity in their respected states. Alcohol is a much greater threat and yet we continue to allow American workers to indulge at will so long as it doesn’t interfere with their duties or is taking place while on shift, yet if one ingests THC within a month or more of a drug screen that is immediate grounds for termination for any safety related job within the DOT. What anyone does on their days off should never be a threat to their career. The advent of oral swab screening can also do enough to ensure abuse is not taking place while on duty.