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"When I first started driving in the late 1980s, I was so excited about being able to go out on my own without supervision.  I went down to the local tag agency and picked up a FREE COPY of the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicle Driver's Manual.  I studied the manual like it was the bible.  I was so determined to get it right the first time that I even took it to school.  I wanted to show all of the other kids that I was about to become a licensed driver in Tulsa, OK.  Day and Night for weeks I used flash cards; I back the car out of my parent’s driveway; And sometimes I was allowed to go to the local convenience store during the day." -Terence Morris, Founder, PACE TULSA.

This year I went to the local OK DMV to renew my license and when I asked the lady at the counter for a FREE COPY of the Driver's Manual she said, "Oh, they aren’t free no more!"  I said, "What?  Hold the Brakes! What am I even in the Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education business for if I am not bringing awareness about the Oklahoma Driver's Laws to future generations. 

Most kids don't have an extra $6.00 to pay for a OK DMV manual that should be given to them courtesy of the State of Oklahoma, so that they won't be 'ignorant of the law.'  "I can remember every single year when I was a kid someone older saying it is not an excuse to not know the rules of the road when you start driving."  What changed all of that?

Doesn't the OK Department of Transportation get hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure we all get our FREE COPY of the OK DMV Driver's Manual.  And since when is there a price put on SAVING LIVES?

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Photo Credit: Morris, Terence. There should not be a charge for DMV Driver's Manuals:Why Should There Be A Price on Saving Lives 2017.