Fix a Deadly Intersection in Miami, Fl that took the life of Joshua "Chiko Josh" Gonzalez

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      My name is Tiffany Gonzalez I am one of 5 siblings and on February 9th 2019 I received the worst news of my life. I received a phone call from my older sister who in disbelief called to tell me that my youngest brother had past away in a horrific car accident. I was in shock I could not believe the words that were being communicated to me. "What happened? Your lying! Why are you saying this? It cannot be! Tell me you're lying!" I yelled as my boyfriend tried his best to console me. We did not have a chance to say good bye or a final I love you. My brother past away seconds after he was ejected from his vehicle as he lied on Ives dairy road. I still cannot believe that my youngest brother died in the exact neighborhood we all grew up in. This incident happened on Ives Dairy Road and 10th Ave/ San Simeon way, Miami, Florida. In the only neighborhood Joshua lived in all his life. How can this be?

      Our family feels that there was a lot of chaos and confusion, and lack of resources in the time which we needed the most, for our dear youngest brother was lying unconscious on the floor his precious sports car in multiple pieces and split into two. Hundreds of people speculating and filming and taking photos with their phones. No Help in Sight. That is unacceptable in 2019. Our hearts were filled with despair. When my father arrived to the site he fainted from the shock of seeing his youngest child lying on the street under a tarp. A mother out of the country and a sister out of the state(that's me). We are all as a community, as friends, and family members of Joshua Robert Gonzalez aka Chiko Josh demanding in this petition that there be a direct evaluation and restructuring of the intersection in which took the life of my baby brother. Let me repeat this, My brother lost his life.

         Speed may have been a factor but that's because Ives dairy road is a main road that acts more like a highway connecting northern Miami to Aventura and also to the famous Hardrock Stadium. High speeds, curbed streets with no view of the light coming ahead. Specifically, the intersection that took my brothers life is no stranger to accidents. Just in that 1 week that my brother passed away there were 3 accidents in that same intersection. In fact, an estimated 200 accidents occur a year at the very same intersection of Ives Dairy and 10th Avenue/San Simeon Way, Miami, Florida. We must make a change by directly restructuring the intersection. Specifically an installation of traffic cameras, the green arrow should turn red and a sign should be installed indicating “Left Turn Only on Green” . That is aside from a plaque in honor of Joshua “Chiko Josh” Gonzalez.
      The life that was taken was special and precious. Many of Joshua's friends take pride in his honest, funny and vibrant personality. They have told me many stories in which display a side of my brother that truly, deep inside he was just one big kid at heart. These stories give me just a little comfort to take my mind off of the deep sorrow that fills my heart. Joshua was a proud graduate of Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School which is located just minutes away from the site of his death. Both of his sisters graduated from Michael Krop and our mother worked there in its founding years up until Joshua’s graduating year. This intersection can affect both students and parents of students if no changes are made. People who love Joshua and are severely grieving now must pass by this intersection every day, several times a day, and it really is an agonizing experience.

       This petition is to bring awareness to the community and make a change in this intersection. We simply cannot drive down this same intersection and not experience a change in honor of the special life that was taken in that very spot. The death of my baby brother shall not happen in vein there must be an impact to the community in a positive way to uplift those many affected by this huge loss. We should all come together in honor of Joshua and create this change.

       Many lives have been affected by the life that was taken and the numerous accidents that take place. Affected are the residents of the Ives Estates community and those individuals who must travel on Ives dairy road. Students and parents of students who attend Madie Ives elementary and Dr. Michael Krop Senior high school are also affected as Ives Dairy road is the main road adjacent to these schools. How are these individuals affected? This is due to things like traffic, debris, road blockage, and simply a disturbance to the overall atmosphere as well as there safety and well being while commuting on this road.

        We need the County of Miami Dade and the Florida Department of Transportation to re evaluate this intersection and restructure it in order to
lower the amount of accidents and fatalities that occur in Ives Dairy and 10th avenue/San Simeon Way, Miami, Florida. Speed bumps, medians, speedometers, traffic Signs, traffic cameras, and specific turn signals would all be direct factors that need to be considered and addressed in order for a change to happen. Another relevant factor is that the community of Ives Dairy has a lot of new land development which is causing even more population in the city. To add, this intersection is less than a mile away from the exit and entrance to Highway I-95. We need to clearly mark the intersection and give more direction to the drivers. And a set restriction of when NOT to turn left. If not only for the life of our beloved deceased but for all those potential lives who can fall victim to this deadly intersection.

          If we win this petition we will be successfully doing everything in our power to lower the amount of crashes and deadly accidents that happen in this intersection in return, protecting lives and the overall atmosphere of this community. If we lose, it's only a matter of time before this deadly intersection takes yet another precious life. Let us not carry this pain without any sort of justice or self peace to know that if anything can come out of this tragedy, it would be this. It would raise our hopes in knowing we have done all we can to assure another life isn’t taken at this “Killer Intersection”.
            To sum up our plead in this petition, there should be a turning signal for those who turn left and specifically the arrow should turn red indicating when cars cannot turn. There should be a sign installed which reads “Left turn on green arrow only” Additionally an intersection camera should be installed. Furthermore, a sign in which indicates the color of the upcoming light should also be installed along the curbs as it is impossible to see the traffic lights as you approach.