DOT needs to fix I-95 Highway it’s dangerous and we must help make a change.

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Thursday night March 29th at 8:30 pm  Charlie Mavros passed away he was in a traffic accident on the i-95 with his motor home and trailer and girlfriend Sylvia. Tire had split in half on the motor home going into the woods. He was a Son, a brother a father a friend , business man and amazing racer and most of all a father of 4 childeren. Many people are getting hurt there’s a new story every single day. Something is wrong with the pavement or rode especially in Waterboro South Carolina it needs to be looked at and I’m not gonna stop pushing until it’s done even if it takes forever.  We will never forget you dad and we will continue to fight.  I love you daddy and I wish I said it more often. Till we see each other again it’s not goodbye it’s see you later ❤️

Stephanie Mavros 


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