Stop the Trump Administration's Hunting Expansion on Wildlife Refuges!

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America's wild animals are in danger in the very places set aside to protect them.

Nearly 2.3 million acres across 97 national wildlife refuges and nine fish hatcheries could soon open up to more hunting and fishing due to a new Trump administration plan.

This cruel and cynical plan would harm wildlife refuges across the country — from Montana's Swan River to Florida's Everglades and from Arizona's Cabeza Prieta to Massachusetts' Great Meadows.

This plan is the largest hunting expansion in history — and for wildlife, their peaceful sanctuary homes could soon become death zones.

Species like mountain lions, migratory birds and black bears will have their safe havens turned into hunting ranges. With wildlife already facing so many threats to their survival, they rely on refuges to be safe havens. But if Trump gets his way, they'll be in the crosshairs on many of these public lands for the very first time.

We should be working to protect animals, not making it easier for them to be gunned down. Wildlife deserve to be safe in national wildlife refuges. 

The Center for Biological Diversity is fighting to Save Life on Earth and we're not going to let wildlife be slaughtered, especially not on public lands in the refuges designated to keep them safe. Take action and sign the petition now.

Tell Interior Secretary David Bernhardt to rescind this plan immediately.