Maintain Protections on the Tongass National Forest

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The Trump administration, at the urging of Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy and Senator Dan Sullivan, have opened up 16.7 million acres of the Tongass National Forest to logging and other forms of development. This strips protection from one of the worlds largest intact temperate rainforests, and marks one of the largest public lands rollbacks in our nation’s history.

The Tongass National Forest is considered to be an ecological sanctuary, and serves as the key habitat for Pacific salmon and trout, Sitka black-tailed deer, and brown bear. It serves as our nations largest carbon sink, absorbing 8% of the carbon stored in the forests in all of the Lower 48 combined.

This act is based on the pretense of helping the region’s economy, but logging only accounts for 1% of the area’s employment, while fishing and tourism account for 26%. The move would also cost taxpayers millions, due to a rule requiring companies profit off of timber sale. That would mean passing the burden of building roads into the region to the U.S. Forest Service and the people of the United States. 

Local tribes have come out against opening the Tongass National Forest to logging, with all five Alaskan Native tribal nations withdrawing as cooperating agencies during the review process.

Let the White House know that we won’t stand by while they allow private companies destroy one of our nation’s greatest ecological treasures. Sign this petition to reverse the decision to open the Tongass National Forest to logging.