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YOUTH DEAD Lincoln County and Sheriff Cottle sued for Civil Rights violations AGAIN

Citizens to Stop Lincoln County Missouri Corruption

Aug 27, 2017 — Mark Jaconski never had a chance. He was only 20 years old. Despite his family calling the jail repeatedly. They were lied to and laughed at. It is a disgrace. What will it take to get the authorities to act to remove Sheriff Cottle, Leah Askey Judge Mennemeyer and Judge Beck. They must go now. People are dying who should not of because of their greed! Here is Mark's obituary!

Cottle and his hall of shame minions deliberately deprived Mr. Jaconski of medical attention and support during a mental health lapse in order to torture him. Which directly resulted in his death.

The families of Mark Jaconski, Louis Gumbenberger, Betsy Faria and the innocent family members of Shirley Neuman all deserve justice. These are just the people we know about who have died as a result of Lincoln County officials misconduct, greed and recklessness. How many more are out there we do not know about? If they are not stopped how many more will die? It could be your young son or daughter or even your parents. The Lincoln County authorities are blinded by their arrogance, greed and entitlement. Who will stop them and protect the public from them?

We are told Sheriff Cottle is putting on lavish drinking parties for the Lincoln County in crowd. One can only guess who is paying for those parties. We hear he is charging them as business meetings.

Lincoln County Taxpayers, the lawsuits are all on your dime. Criminal acts are not covered by insurance. It is time to rise up and get these losers off the taxpayer dole and cut our loses.

They victimize the most vulnerable among us. The poor, the terminally ill suffering with cancer and the mentally ill and those without family or resources.

The people running the Lincoln County Justice System are not just reckless they are evil. Something Must be done. How long? Not Long? We must turn the arc of the moral universe against the Lincoln County Court and sheriff's department crime syndicate.

As a side note the following other Lincoln County individuals were sued: Tanya Drummond, Patricia Martin, and Caleb Nolan were involved in some way with the death of Mark. We wanted to be sure to let the public know Cottle's minions are also to blame.

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