The government needs to help Eugenia Cooney

The government needs to help Eugenia Cooney

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Eugenia Cooney is a 25 year old YouTube resident in New York, United States.

Click to see her YouTube Channel

Eugenia in recent years has been uploading videos to the platform, vlog-type videos, where she quickly caught the attention of all users due to her extremely thin body.
Eugenia is a girl who used to have a healthy body, but now she is very thin.

People quickly assumed that she could have anorexia and quickly became known because of this.
She has been like that for a long time and in all these years we have not seen an improvement in her physique.

Eugenia may be on the verge of death, very close to death and no one knows how much longer her body can endure.
She tries to hide all her situation with a smile on her face, but it shows that she is tired.

She has never assumed / denied having anorexia, but she says she has a "problem" that makes her thin (which we all believe is a lie, because she most likely has anorexia).

Eugenia seems to have NO support from relatives, or from her mother, much less from friends.
In this video:

In this video, if you listen carefully, you can listen to a discussion with this dialogue.

"You're gonna kill her!" (minute 5:25)
"I do not care! I want the money" (minute 5:30)
"Be quiet" (minute 5:36)

Which leads us to think that the mother is making a human abandonment of this young woman who has a disease that also affects her mental health (she is disabled in this sense because she can not understand the seriousness of her situation nor does she seem to care how is currently).
In addition to a clear abuse, it is profiting from the image of his own daughter with anorexia.

Since no one helps this young woman, we need the government to intervene because her situation is critical and her health is at risk.

Please sign and spread this, we need Eugenia to recover, we love her, we do not want her to die.

We want the government to open an investigation and visit your home, confirm your situation and, if she is in trouble then help her by providing psychological help (or directly removing her from this toxic circle seen in her family)

Besides, it's not just about Eugenia, she with her videos in an irreversible way affects thousands of young people, men and women between the ages of 10 and 20 who are very susceptible to their idols and could present or develop anorexia due to these videos of Eugenia.

(Another proof is that Eugenia erased all her videos where she was healthy ... it's very strange)
Please help us! It's just your signature!

You can save a young woman's life!

She is a girl with a good heart, she is mentally weak, she is pure and it shows a kind person.

0 personas han firmado. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 5000!
Con 5000 firmas, es más probable que esta petición sea publicada en los medios de comunicación locales