Take Out Processed and Red Meats (Carcinogens) from School Lunches

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Processed meats are listed as Group1 carcinogens and red meats are listed as a Group 2a carcinogens by the World Health Organization along side cigarettes, and asbestos. Our children are eating carcinogenic foods at school. We do not give them cigarettes, so why would we give them foods who are equivalent?

Please join me in asking our government to stop giving our children processed meats in schools.

Many people will argue that schools are not provided with enough funding to eliminate processed and red meats because they are cheaper. However, meats are significantly more expensive than fruits and vegetables, especially locally grown produce. Eliminating these carcinogens from the school menu will promote better health, and support locally grown produce. 


The fact that these foods are officially listed as carcinogenic and are still being served constantly is sickening. This is basically setting up our youth and future generations for illness, disease, pain, and death.

If you agree that processed foods and red meats should be banned from our children’s school meals, please sign my petition.