Stop putting children back in unsafe homes. No Other Angels Hurt.

Stop putting children back in unsafe homes. No Other Angels Hurt.

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We the people listed on the attached petition, come now before you.

We ask for change of current policy and procedure. We ask that the federal guidlines to current child welfare laws be updated. We ask you to pass additional laws and harsher punishments for people who break these laws. We ask you to help save the  lives of our nations children.

Current Problem

Children across America are living In unsafe homes. Our judges, resources, and most of  all the United States Department of Health and Human Services are failing these children. In 2004 aprox 1,490 children died after being returned to their parent (s) after abuse/neglect. In 2007 aprox 1,760 children died. In 2018 we had aprox 682,100 social workers (cps). In 2018 there were 3,100,000 reports of abuse/neglect. This means statistically nationwide each social worker would have 227 cases. This in every way is a failure of policy, funding, and education. No wonder children "fall through the cracks". In 2018 Idaho had 23,000 child abuse/neglect cases reported. Children are taken from these dangerous, abusive, dangerous parents. They are given a foster family and have some sense of peace for once. These same children end up going back to the same abusive situation and a lot of them end up dead. Those deaths of these children are on our nation our system has failed these children. This has to change.

These children died at the hands of and/or because of thier parents.

The Hart family (5 children) killed by their adoptive mother after she drove off a cliff in California. * this was a couple that adopted children, multiple reports were made about this family. Children stealing food, asking for food, reports of abuse/neglect. when a report was made they would move. There was no alert sent out that these parents and children were on the run from cps, there were no protections in place for these children that had been adopted. They died because our system is flawed. 

Noah Tomlin age 2 killed by his mother and thrown in the trash  after CPS placed him back in her care. Blunt force trauma to his head that was so severe they said it was like he had fallen several stories.* this mother had served time for burning her daughter 10 years prior to Noah's death. Multiple reports were made on her from family, and CPS was involved with her and the children, however Noah died and was thrown away. Why? Was there a safer place for Noah? *; We are aware this is still an active case and the. Hares as of November 4th 2019 are 3 counts of felony child neglect, 2nd degree murder and disposal of a corpse. The facts surrounding Noah's life with his mother all point to reasons he should not have been in her care to begin with. If this child had been removed and protected he would be alive today and the common wealth of Virginia would not have this case.

Three girls ages 2,6,8 shot by their mother in Michigan.* the mother had struggled with mental illness 

Eduardo Posso age 12 starved and chained by his father in Indiana.* Child Protective Services was involved with this child and family. Yet he was left in a situation that only they could have protected him from and he died.

Andrew Freud age 5 killed by parents in Illinois. *Cps had been out to the home prior to the boys death, reports had been made on the family, but that didn't save him from being killed by the people that should have loved him.

Jordan Belliveau age 2 killed by his mother in Florida.* This child was taken and then placed back in the home. Once he was killed the foster family that cared for him tried to get custody of his sister so she would be protected and loved.

Chris Watts killed his pregnant wife and two daughters in Colorado.

Nathan Wetzel age 29 was charged with attempted first degree murder and unlawful possession of a controlled substance. He admitted he wrecked the car on purpose trying to kill his son who was 2 years old because he didn't think he was man enough to be a father. Turns out Nathan was right he wasn't.  Colorado 

Man shot wife and daughters ages 16 and 18 in Kansas.* Lauren and Emily were killed along with thier mother by thier father James Kahler. The parents had been separated and the father refused to have anything to do with the girls. The mother had wrote the judge handling the couples divorce and said that she was scared of what he would do and that he had been controlling. He had previous domestic violence charges. He spared the life if his 10 year old son.

Acelyn Lailani 6 weeks old killed by mother In Texas.* mother tried to blame her 3 year old son for dropping the infant. Was caught in multiple lies changed her story multiple times. Mom and the 3 year old son both tested positive for cocaine. Acelyn had multiple skull fractures by repeated blows to the head.

Erika Renee Altamirano was drinking and "fell asleep" called 911 and said she didn't know what happened. The medical examiner said the baby had skull fractures consistent with non accidental trauma.North Carolina 

Clifford Dotson age 2 starved by parents in Tennessee. * 40 years in prison was the mothers sentence after her son died weighing only 12 pounds in 2012. Dad blamed mom even though they lived together. Clifford died from malnutrition. Sheriff said that dad had no comment was emotionless and showed no remorse when he was arrested.

2 month old boy killed by his father in Ohio.*Xavier Richardson killed his son in what was called a case if horrific child abuse. This baby had bite marks on his body along with several other injuries.

Hunter Payton 4 years old killed by foster parents in Kentucky.*what is the system doing to ensure protection for these children once they are placed in a strangers care. More options for family placement are needed. This needs to be fast efficient placement with a family member of the child.

Marissa Kennedy Age 10 Beaten by her parents in Maine.* multiple reports of abuse were made against this family. I encourage everyone to read Marissa Kennedys story. It is tragic how the state had the reports and all they had to do was look at dad cell phone to see the naked pictures of his 10 year old daughter being punished by kneeling on the floor with her hands above her heads for hours, but they didn't look they ignored many reports and this child died with over 50 separate injuries on her body.  Maine owes these children more.

Isabel Godfrey age 3 blunt force trauma killed by mother in Pennsylvania.

The Volk family ages 6,10,14 shot by mother in North Dakota.

The Jones family ages 1 year to 8 years old (5 children) killed by their father in South Carolina.

2 month old multiple rib fractures killed by parents in West Virginia.

Kylen Shangreaux 2 years old beaten to death by his mother in South Dakota. * kylen died 58 days after being given back to.his mother. She admitted to having a drug problem and blamed it on depression.

Robin Alexander & Hakim Mustafa Moore killed 1 child and left 3 in critical condition plus 1 missing after they were let out on bond and did not appear in court for child neglect the charges in Oklahoma. * these parents had been charged with child neglect and let out of jail to await a court date, yet these children were left in their care. Why? They were discovered by cops in the motel room they lived in after the couple didn't show up for court. The kids were alone and no one had been caring for them. Our judicial system could have saved these children.

Powell children ages 5 and 7 killed by their father at a supervised visit after the social worker gave him time alone with them in Washington State. CPS was involved in fact the child protective service worker was outside while dad was killing his children. The child protective service worker gave into the parent instead of protecting the children. we need our CPS to do their jobs and protect these children.

Emily Babilonia 6 weeks old head injuries the parents blamed each other Connecticut. Emily has a twin.

Walker children ages 2 and 3 killed by dad in New York.* These children were killed by thier father drowning them in a bath tub. He also killed thier mother. Domestic violence had been reported in the past.

Camden age 8 strangled to death by his mother in Rhode Island.* Diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety Camden was held down in the bath tub and died because the pressure on his chest restricted his airway. It was later reported that Camden didn't like to take baths. 

4 Month old baby discovered in the baby swing covered with maggots. Killed by his parents in iowa. * cops said that dad had no sign of emotion when he led them to the room his son had been in. Still in his baby swing wearing the same diaper he had on for the past 9 to 14 days. It was reported the babies eyes were open with a blank expression and they knew right away he was dead. Later it was said that the infant had used the bathroom several times in that diaper and developed diaper rash. While he was forgothen about in the swing he developed diaper rash and attracted bugs that had laid eggs  in the diaper. This rash turned into a life threatening infection and he died of dehydration, malnurishment, and diaper rash. A little love and some diaper rash cream was all this baby needed to live.

Katherine and Elizabeth ages 6 and 8 shot by mother in New Hampshire.* it was determined to be a murder suicide, and said mom killed the girls before killing herself. The bodies were discovered by dad who called 911 and reported the deaths. Dad had been charged with domestic violence in the past, but charges were dropped when mom refused to testify.

William Fretwell age 3 killed by his father in Oregon.* killed by father not long after the courts ordered Williams dad to pay $900.00 a month in child support.

Noelani Robinson age 2 killed by father her body was dumped on the side of the road in Minnesota.* Norlanis dad was her mom's pimp in the past. It was reported that the parents and a friend had even driving around using Marijuana and extasy before her dad killed her mother. Noelani was also killed by him. There were many factors that should have been red flags. This child was doomed from the beginning.

The Jacks and Fogle children ages 5,6,11,17 strangled and stabbed by their mother in Washington DC.

Jaquerrion Dancer age 2 months old killed by father in Wisconsin.* His parents were separated. Dad had came to visit when the parents began to argue mom ran and picked up the baby, and his dad vegan hitting him while mom held him in her arms. This baby was killed by a grown man with a temper tantrum.

Robert Manwill age 8 killed by mothers boyfriend in Idaho.* Another case I encourage people to look into. CPS was involved with this family and this child. In fact they made visits to the home and mom hid Robert in the closet and told CPS he was visiting his father so he wasn't home. The child protective service worker believed mom instead of checking out mom's story for the protection of the child. ROBERT DIED, bUT before he died he was beaten, mom's boyfriend put his knees on Roberts chest while he layer flat on his back. They practiced a discipline they called dead bugging and they made Robert eat food until he vomited and then continue to eat it after he started to vomit. Mom was very much a part of this abuse and helped hide it.

Axel age 1 1/2 suffocated by his mother in New Jersey.* Axel was in the way of his mother's affair she had used meth hours before killing him. In a strange turn of events she had a master's degree in social work.

Owen Schilling age 10 killed by his mother in Nebraska.*His mother was depressed and suicidal. She had attempted suicide in the past. Family said she Seemed troubled in the days before she disappeared with Owen tied a zip tie around his neck and strangled him before killing herself.

Montana was 2 months old when she was killed in 2001 her brother who was less than 2 months old were beaten to death in 1999. They were killed by their parents and left in storage units. When the parents were finally arrested they had another child that was found with life threatening injuries. Vermont.

Isaac Robitille was killed by his mother and her boyfriend. They put alcohol into his IV when he died his blood alcohol level was 0.146. Isaac had health issues that required caregivers doctors and IV to be in place. 

Maleah Davis age 4 her remains were found in a trash bag killed by her mothers boyfriend in Arkansas. 

Johnny Richard Jr was killed by his father Johnny Richard Sr. His father recieved 10 years after his 4 month old son died from meth toxicity. Arkansas If this infant had been drug tested could he have been saved?

Jackson Telnas age 12 was drowned by his mother. She had tried to drown him in 2008 when he was 10 months old. She was sentenced to 10 years in a mental health facility only served one and a Montana judge gave him back to her so she could drown him and his 7 year old brother. Their deaths are on Montana. 

6 month old girl shot by father in Alabama.

1 year old killed by his father in Delaware.

Roman age 3 starved to death and put in a toy chest in the back yard in Arizona. The children were taken in 2010 by CPS and then they were given back. 

Gabriella Lamorie age 2 years old killed by her parents. Blunt force trauma to her head and her neck as well as severe malnutrition. The state of Arizona is giving this women $20,000.00 to put towards her defense. Where was this 20,000.00 in funding and additional resources to save this child.* This is an ongoing case and the mother has not been found guilty yet, however this case shows more in depth how flawed our system is. A mother can kill her child and use the system to help her get away with it. Where is the justice and protection for these children. Where is the example to other parents that this will not be tolerated by the state of Arizona or any other state.

Amity Rose Berth 2 years old killed by her mother and her mom's fiance  in Louisiana.

35 year old mother had 3 dead infants In her closet she was arrested in 2014 yet she was a quitted of second degree murder and child endangerment by judge Janet Kenton-Walker in Massachusetts.* 2 of these babies had on diapers and clothes one still had the placenta attached. These babies were discovered because a 10 year old living in the home asked a neighbor for help to get a baby to stop crying. The baby that was crying was covered in feces and 6 months old. 4 children were removes from the home ages 6 months, 3 years old, 10 years old and 13 years old.

Yuri 19 months old died from dehydration he had been taken by cps and put back in the home the parents also had another child die in 2015.Wyoming.

Janiyah Brooks 3 years old raped and beaten killed by step dad in Georgia.

Damage Martin age 3 years old struck by his mother he fell off a bunk bed and his injuries resulted in cerebral palsy that he later died from in Maryland.

Daniel Theriot 3 years old killed by mother and her boyfriend then reported missing in Nevada.* mom's boyfriend had been charged with child abuse in the past.

Omaree Varela age 9 years old beaten to death by stepfather.Boy had called 911 from his home 6 months before New Mexico. * omaree mother used Crack while she was pregnant. She gave birth in prison and gave 2 women rights while she was serving time. When she got.out she would disappear for days at a time, used drugs physical and medical neglect were reported multiple times At one point he was removed and returned a month later.  Reports were found unsubstantiated, but that didn't save his life.

Gabby 4 years old burned and beaten by parents in Michigan.* she had been burned so bad her toe fell off. 

Fabian Garcia age 3 killed foster care. Reports had been made about mistreatment of the child. Hawaii.

J.L and C.P suffocated by their mother. J.L died in 2015 mom got away with it. C.P was killed in 2017. Alaska.

NC age 7 found unresponsive in the shower. He had old scars and bruises. Mother had been reported to cps in the past he was killed by her in Utah.


A recent three year study by the Children's Advocacy Institute found that none of the state's are actually meeting the standards set by the federal government. They also found that across the board the Department of Health and Human Services have taken a hands off approach.

In the United States homicide is in the top five causes of deaths in children, and in the top three causes of death in children ages 1 to 4 years old. A direct correlation has been identified between child abuse rates and child homicide rates. Research suggests that children who are murdered by their parents were physically abused victims prior to death.

A 2017 study by the American Society for the positive care of children found the following.

1,720 children died from abuse and neglect in 2017

Almost 5 children die everyday from child abuse.

71.8% percent of all child fatalities were younger than three years old.

80.1% percent of child fatalities involve at least one parent.

75.4% percent of the children who died suffered neglect.

41.6% percent suffered physical abuse either exclusively or in combination with another type of maltreatment.

49.6% of children who die from child abuse are under one year old.

It is estimated that between 50-60% percent of maltreatment deaths are not recorded on the child's death certificate.

Child abuse crosses all socioeconomic and educational levels, religion, ethnic and cultural groups. 

Federal Laws

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act was enacted in 1974, and established the fedeal office on child abuse and neglect. It also provides grants to states for child abuse and neglect programs that meet certain federal standards. The act also sets a minimum definition of child abuse and neglect.

     " Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse, or exploitation" or "An act or failure to act which presents an immenent risk of serious harm".

The Social Security Act (Act of August 14,1935) Title V- Grants to states for maternal and child welfare.

Further establishes federal child welfare oversight of state welfare policies and practices by the Department of Health and Human Services. Including the collection of child welfare statistics and the administration of child welfare information systems. 

Family First Prevention Service Act

Federal funds are available under part B and E of the title IV of the social security act to prevent foster care placement through provisions of mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment services, in home parent skill based programs and kinship navigation services.

* this program keeps children at home, while parents are receiving treatment and services.

Proposed Solutions

1. Change the current laws. All child abuse should be a felony. Parents charged with this felony should loose any state benefits they may be receiving. Food stamps, medicaid, public housing, disability ect.

2. Children should not be returned to parents that abused or physically harmed them in the past. These parents have already hurt this child. Isn't once enough?

3. More  placement options for these children should be implemented. Foster care, adoption, placement with family, other families that have a half sibling (If there are no other placement options with biological family members). Money that is no longer going to the parents through state funded programs should be distributed to these children to help provide care for them.

4. Infancy protection plans should be implemented. Starting as early as prenatal care. This plan should include mothers being drug tested. If they fail these test within the first trimester of pregnancy the doctor should report them to DHHS. Failed test throughout the first trimester should result in mandatory rehabilitation. This will prevent infants being born addicted or having medical issues due to drug use during pregnancy.  In return it will cut down on the number of infants being placed in foster care the first years of thier life. Also delivering physicians should track the infant for the first 6 months of life to make sure they are established with a pediatric doctor.

5. Pediatric monitoring should be implemented. These programs would require pediatric doctors to immediately report any malnurishment, multiple missed appointments, and training to teach doctors how to spot these types of cases.  Parents should be assessed and a process needs to be put in place to assess the likely hood of a parent being an abuser. These would be similar to the assessments  used to diagnose children for intellectual disabilities. While we understand some of these ideas are already in place or we have similar guidelines for reporting. These policies are not being practiced effectively and that is part of the problem.

6. Case workers or child protective service workers  need more training and education. Every state needs additional child protective service workers. These workers need to be held to a higher standard. Many of them are these children's last chance. If a case worker fails to protect a child and places them back with parents that are known to abuse/physically harm them, they should be held accountable if something happens to that child. It is literally in thier job title to protect the child.

7. The policy of DHHS across our nation needs to change. Pop up visits need to happen. If a report is made and the case worker calls ahead of  time, this gives some parents just enough time to make things appear better than they are. Drug test should be random. Case workers often tell parents at one visit they will be getting a drug test at the next visit. This again gives the parent time to do things to prepare and clean out thier system before taking these test. Many pass while still using drugs.

8. The directors of DHHS need to visit all departments they are the head of, and review all cases to make sure the right result was reached. 

9. We need a registry for people that commit child abuse/ or physically harm children. This registry would be similar to the sex offender registry we have now. Once on this registry based on the seriousness of the crime a registered child abuser should not be allowed around children.

10. Judges need to change thier way of thinking. Mom is not always the best choice. This means more education and training for these family law judges. Some judges are stuck in the traditional way of thinking.  These children were taken for a reason and a parenting program does not teach people the instinct that they don't posses.

11. Any state that does not follow federal guidelines or regulations should lose funding from other areas. Not receiving funding for programs they aren't implementing isn't the answer. Fines need to be put in place so these states know they must look after thier at risk children.

12. We ask the federal government to review the family first prevention service act. This program may work for good parents that have had a bad moment, however this program does not work for children that live with parents that are dangerous. There needs to be clear specific guidelines on when this program is not an option and funds from this program should be distributed into other areas and other programs that help keep these children safe. They do not need to stay in the home with the people that will ultimately kill them.

13. We ask that all government funded group homes, adoption agencies, foster care facilities, scatter sites, or temporary housing for needy families be inspected, and must have mandatory accommodations that they are required to provide for the children living inside their facilities. These accommodations should be but are not limited to heat, air conditioning hot water, sanitary restrooms and facilities, ect. Many children across our country live in shelter systems, or group homes and many of these federally funded facilities do not provide basic accommodations. A complete review of all facilities nationwide should be performed. Any facilities unable to meet the requirements should be shut down. These are basic essentials to everyday life, it's not to much to ask that they be provided.

14. Across our nation we have three catagories for child maltreatment. These areas are child abuse, child neglect, and child endangerment. We ask that more specific catagories be added for the different types of child maltreatment. As of now anything that doesn't fall under abuse or endangerment is considered neglect and that is to vague, what is neglect? What other types of catagories could we have? For example: There are cases where children do not die, however they are brutally assaulted causing severe bodily injury or disfigurement this is child torture and should be classified as such. When a child is sat in hot water until skin falls off, and will be disfigured for the rest of his or her life this should be something more than abuse. It should be what it is child torture. Child neglect should be neglectful behavior such as not sending your kid to school, not keeping them clean, not providing a necessity. Leaving a 2 year old home alone and as a result that child dies, is not child neglect. As our laws stand now it can be considered neglect and that isn't right? So we ask for more catagories, specific guidelines/definitions for each category, and more consideration be placed on what each of these catagories mean when deciding to proceed with reunification.




We hereby request, as the rightful citizens of the United States and those of law abiding countries from around the world, that the above is taken with earnest respect. That our government make immediate and appropriate changes to protect victims of child abuse and neglect. We plead with you to save these children.

Respectfully Yours, those with names attached to this petition.

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At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!