Block Confirmed Coronavirus patient transfer to Fairview in Costa Mesa!!!

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This is an UN-GATED community to which there are STILL Psychiatric State patients STILL currently residing within all throughout the facilities. 

Transporting persons infected with or exposed to the Coronavirus to any place within Costa Mesa, California until an adequate site survey has been conducted, the designated site has been determined suitable for this purpose, all necessary safeguards and precautions have been put in place, and the public and local government have been informed of all efforts to mitigate risk of transmission of the disease.

PLEASE Sign to stop the CDC, State and Federal Government from risking the lives of everyone within Costa Mesa and Orange County!!! 

This is a HIGH traffic location to which Thousands of people travel past on a DAILY basis located off a Main Street (Harbor Blvd). It is a NON Gated and NON fenced area with easy access not to mention the dozens of Developmental patients who STILL reside in SEVERAL facilities to this day. 

It would be complete negligence on behalf of the CDC, State, and Federal Government!!!