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Welfare Regulations for Livestock

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We have animal welfare standards for our dogs and our cats, we're encouraged to donate to protecting endangered species, and we express outrage over the unnecessary slaughter and abuse of animals. But not all animals. Because, every year, we "raise" and slaughter animals in the billions for meat, dairy, and eggs. Pigs, chickens, cows, turkeys, and sheep are all victims of the incredible cruelty faced by farm animals. All of these are social, intelligent creatures, with pigs being far smarter than dogs and cats (about as smart as a three year old human), chickens outperforming human children on IQ tests, and cows being very social animals that have cliques, "best friends", and incredible memories! We forget that each of these animals are unique individuals with distinct personalities, just like our pets. Unfortunately, we rarely choose to see them this way, which has led to these innocent creatures suffering terrible abuses every day. It's incredibly sad that we choose to love and protect our dogs and our cats, while allowing innocent creatures, different in no way whatsoever, to spend their entire lives in cramped cages and pens, barely able to turn around, living in their own feces, being mutilated without anesthetic, force fed unnatural diets which causes such obesity they cannot stand under their own weight, and after a life of that, being killed in such barbaric ways we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies. And, perhaps worst of all, never, in their entire lives, receiving any semblance of human compassion. They are viewed as commodities, and given as much love and attention as any plastic product produced in a factory. For profit, animals are abused daily, without repercussions, as there is no law preventing these atrocities. These animals need our help. Just like dogs and cats have legal protection, we must afford it to the other animals that have the chance misfortune of being a breed we have chosen not to love. Please join me in demanding that the USDA impose strict animal welfare regulations on ALL farms, for ALL animals raised for meat, cheese, milk and eggs, and stop discrimination against "farm" animals. We need to end this hypocrisy and start treating all innocent lives with fairness and compassion.

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