USDA- update your definition of livestock-!!!!!

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 The USDA has an archaic definition of what they consider livestock. Many exotic pets are not even used in food production yet are not able to be included in many animal cruelty protections and laws. One such group that is gravely affected by this gross neglect is the mini pig or potbelly pig. These pigs were brought here from overseas as exotic and unique pets; Smithfield, Hormel and other meat corporations do not even use these animals for food production. 

We ask that the general "all hooved animals are considered livestock" provision be updated to remove/exclude potbellied pigs (mini pigs) and classify them as “exotic pets”. We also ask that the provision be updated to include only animals bred for the purpose of commercial and widely utilized human consumption (such as commercial bovine, commercial swine and commercial fowl). The USDA should not discriminate by just a hoof but rather by a purpose. Potbellies/mini pigs are pets and friends, NOT food.
Please ask the USDA to make the world safer for our potbellied/mini pig friends who are often times left to cruel hoarding cases, neglect, and abuse by changing the outdated and antiquated provision.