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USDA to add sustainability and climate change advice to the dietary guidelines

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Animal agriculture creates as much greenhouse gas as the entire transportation sector every year. This pollution exacerbates climate change and global warming. Animal agriculture also creates huge amounts of animal-waste runoff that pollutes our oceans creating dead zones where no wildlife can survive. Amazon rain forest is cut down at alarming rates (6,000 sq miles each year) to create feed for animals thereby further reducing oxygen levels in the atmosphere. Lastly, our oceans are being overfished at unsustainable rates, such that less than 3% of bluefin tuna stocks remain. It is irresponsible of the USDA to disregard this information, especially when the Science-advisory committee recommended that it be included in the guidelines. Therefore, I petition the USDA and congress to include an addendum to the dietary guidelines offering appropriate guidance on climate-change and sustainability issues with recommendations for decreasing meat and animal product consumption (including fish),and to encourage an increase in plant-based sources of protein.

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