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USDA: Stop The Free-Range Lie

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Did you know the free-range label is meaningless? The USDA has such lax guidelines and requirements it's pitiful. For example, a room with walls, a ceiling, and a concrete floor with screened windows counts as "free range". In fact, the chickens aren't required to have sunlight or even soil to meet the free-range label as long as they have “year-round access outdoors". The problem is the regulations are so vague that an open window counts as having access to the outdoors.

Most modern free-range setup includes nothing more than an enclosed, screened-in porch with air flow. As long as the chickens have outdoor access they meet the requirement for "free range", even if the chicken never sets foot outside. Even if the chicken has access and wanted to leave, it's still physically impossible since they're packed in so tight.

Companies have been lying to honest customers who want better treatment for the chickens. Customers who are being charged a premium for supposedly better conditions. But the truth is the conditions are barely a step up from cages. The chickens are still packed like sardines and forced to wobble around in their own waste. The chickens are only able to see grass and sunlight, never being able to use or go towards it. 

It's high time that the USDA pass stricter regulations, regulations that will actually make a difference. Please sign and share this petition, the poor chickens deserve better.

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