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The Restoration Of Animal Cruelty Information Back

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It is truly a loss of words when we encounter certain reports and news that literally seems to throw us back into the shadows of a veil that we have fought dedicated and determined to remove ourselves from --- a veil that keeps us as the public from knowing truths that occur to innocent life behind closed doors.

This loss of words came from the actions of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) when they made the poor decision to remove thousands of reports and documentation from their website, which provided us as the public and consumers vital public interest and knowledge that not only furthered the fight for animal rights and welfare -- but also the protection of the public and consumers as well.

These documentation and reports that were basically blacked out by the USDA, included such places as animal test labs, puppy mills and dog breeders, zoos and circuses and among many others --- which included animal facility inspections, enforcement , incidents of animal cruelty and inhumanity and other information that was collected in order to help assist in the agency's course to enforce the Animal Welfare Act.

The USDA, according to many sources, claimed that their action for purging these crucial records was based on their commitment to being transparent.. a reason that not only created red flags and outrage within individuals & organizations, but it also raised many questions that he public etc are demanding answers for.



This so-called "Commitment of Transparency" that the USDA stands by, literally goes against everything that they are suppose to represent and stand for -- their duties and responsibilities for innocent life and the protection and safety of such well-being and welfare.

We must take into account that in the past animal cruelty and inhumanity within these industries and companies have been transparent from the public (tax payers) and consumers for too long --- and now with this strategy they have not only robbed us of vital public information and knocked us back steps, but they have basically given offenders a free pass and violated our right to freedom of knowledge and protection of consumers.

We as humanity cannot ignore this situation, or stand by and allow ourselves to be veiled over again.. not when we have fought dedicated and determined and made such impact steps to get where we are today.  We must not only fight for our rights as individuals and consumers -- but for the innocent life in need as well.  We at Raise Ur Paw truly hope that we can count on your support and voices, so that together united we can make a difference.




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