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Tell the USDA to put protective laws in place for hens, chickens, and other birds!

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       The egg industry has long been participating in many shocking, recurring practices that are simply unnecessary and abusive towards animals. Many exposès done by organizations such as PETA and MercyForAnimals have shown many horrendous and gut-wrenching things such as chickens having their beaks (with hundreds of nerves) burned off, hens being starved in order to produce an unnatural amount of eggs due to shock, and male baby chicks being ground up and/or suffocated ALIVE, as they are of no profitable use to the egg industry. Most of the abuses and torturous acts done to chickens and hens in the egg industry are often done while they are alive, without any painkillers or sedatives. As of now, there are no laws protecting birds and foul, as the USDA has failed to recognize them as sentient beings who deserve to be treated much better than this. They have put laws in place for other animals, but birds have yet to be saved.

      When I first saw these exposès and videos of this torture, I knew something was horribly wrong, and I just couldn't stand supporting such. I decided to go vegan, but have realized that is not enough, and we must also stand up for these birds and prevent any more of this foul treatment. All it takes is protection for birds under the USDA's laws! 

Sign ths petition to show the USDA that we will NOT support nor accept these actions any longer! 

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