Shut Down Nj Exotic Pets

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NJ Exotic Pets in Lodi, NJ are selling sick and neglected animals.

I purchased a baby bunny from NJ Exotic Pets and had to have her euthanized a week later due to a sickness she had from this store. I looked at the store's reviews and there are so many instances of people purchasing bunnies only for them to die shortly after from a parasite. In the last year, mostly within the last 6 months, there are approximately 8 reviews of bunnies dying shortly after being brought home. There are also reviews of other animals dying, the store being dirty, and the employees having no knowledge about the animals they are selling to people who often also lack the knowledge. Pictures on their social media accounts show cages with too many animals inside and negative comments and reviews are removed promptly after being posted.

The animals in the store are kept in crammed and tiny cages and tanks and are not properly cared for. The store is dirty, dusty, and the it is an unacceptable living environment for such innocent animals.

As someone who can truly make a difference in less than a minute, I ask that you to please sign this petition.