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When you walk by a pet store and see an adorable puppy or kitten waiting for a home, it can be tempting to go inside, we know. Grove City Reptiles will be one of the worst pet shops you will ever enter. They Don't Keep The Animals Clean. The animals have coats that look matted, wet or as if they haven't been given a bath in a long time! The owner isn't worried about keeping the animals clean. The owner isn’t paying much attention to the conditions from which they came. Animals should never be left to roll around in their own waste and in THIS pet store you might see feces sitting in a pile right next to the animal.
The majority of the animals at Grove City Reptile are showing symptoms of being sick. The puppies show symptoms like sniffling and sneezing. (Common symptoms for kennel cough). These animals are in desperate need of medical attention. Not only are the majority of animals showing signs of being ill, the cages are too small. (Small housing and unsanitary housing leads to this outbreak in the animal’s health and wellbeing).

THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM for the animals to roam around, without having to sleep in their own fluids! YOU CAN ACTUALLY SMELL the lingering aromas of animal excrement, urine. Just more proof to the animals unsanitary conditions and upkeep.
This pet store is keeping the animals in tiny tanks, cages that are too small for one animal to fit inside comfortably, yet in the pictures below you’ll see two or three animals stuffed inside together. This is a sign the store is about profit, not about finding its animals good homes and humane living arrangements. The cages are typically wired to allow feces and urine to fall through (except for the parts that get stuck on the wiring which hurts the animal’s paws.
GROVE CITY REPTILES will not make any changes; they are only in it for the money. All of the animals there are suffering and it’s up to us to make a change. They don’t have a voice so we must speak up for them. I know there are so many of you that have gone into Grove City Reptiles and witnessed firsthand every thing I have been talking about.

Thank you for the support. Let’s make a change.


P.S Please submit a complaint to the united states department of agriculture , visit their website at
use their online complaint form .