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Offer every school lunch a vegan option

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Several of the youth today are converting to vegetarian and vegan ways. Who are we to tell them that they have to bring their own lunch to school, because their school simply doesn't have an option to fit their needs. 

I am a thirteen year old myself, living in a small town in Kentucky. I eat school lunch everyday. On some days they do have salads that you may eat. But these portions are smaller than the meals anybody else can eat. If you get a salad in my school, you are not aloud to get anything else, besides a milk or juice. I am not vegan myself, but I believe everyone has a choice. I know several of my friends who are vegan or vegetarian. 

We should make this a everyday thing, not a "every so often" thing. Kids deserve the right to be provided a vegetarian meal. It is proven that this option may also lower the obesity rate in America, which is very high, as we all know. 

I've done some research and found some outrageous statistics: 

Less than 15% of children eat the minimum recommended servings of fruit; 35% eat none; only 17% of children consume the minimum daily recommended servings of vegetables and 20% eat none.

Help our school systems provide healthier and vegan options to our school lunch programs! 

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