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Introduce a daily vegetarian option for school lunches at North Buncombe High School, NC

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Though not everyone at my school is vegetarian, or expected to be, introducing a daily vegetarian option introduces various health benefits and environmental improvements. Americans eat around 200 pounds of meat a year, factoring greatly into diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart related problems. Additionally, the prominence of the fast food industry is rapidly dishing out foods mainly meat based that are widely believed to be encouraging childhood obesity at a very large scale. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirms this, and claims that a plant-based diet seems to be a sensible approach for the prevention of obesity in children. So why not encourage vegetarian options in public schools? Environmentally, animal food production surpasses both the transportation and electricity industries concerning greenhouse gas emissions. Aside from being the greatest source of greenhouse gases, animal agriculture is taking huge tolls on our freshwater resources. To produce just a pound of beef, an average of 2500 gallons of water are needed. Imagine the health and environmentally related differences that could stem from just one school cutting it's daily meat output in half. Providing a vegetarian option not only satisfies the wishes of the many students in this school wishing to change their eating habits, but also encourages those who hadn't even thought of trying vegetarian entrees to take them into consideration. Overall, by giving students the opportunity to even consider vegetarian meals, the general health and environmental impact would be nothing short of beneficial.

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