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TEAM DOCCI "DOC" No one can buy LOVE, but you can rescue LOVE ..... ARE YOU IN

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Trina is Doc's 2nd owner. His first owner owned a big time Fruit Farm in Wenatchee WA.
The day Trina saw Doc on Moses Lake in 2014 This is Doc's story honoring him and all the lost souls in the slaughter pipeline.
Trina's and our wish here at the

American Canadian Horse Warrior Forum are reaching to all of you share his story and so maybe others will sign up to our cause in ending the slaughter of our equines and protest at our state capitals. Our hopes are that maybe more will step up and take bigger steps with us.
Born May 9th 2008 on wobbly legs he nursed from his damn DOCSU BEBI Who was born in 1992. She was 16 years old when she foaled Doc.
His Sire TWO X MC BREEZE was born 2004. All good blood lines as the AQHA would say.
Doc was a true line back dun with a dorsal stripe 1 1/2 inches wide from his mane to his tail, he had the strips on his legs and built to perfection. for $185.00 he was underweight, lame and heading for slaughter for human consumption, she was not going to let that happen, she saw what he truly was and she was going to do everything in her power to help heal him.
The story she was told was that He was used on a cattle feedlot moving cow's from one pen to another for the feedlot owner. They were loading him to take him to a sale to move more cattle and he hurt his ankle in the trailer.
His injury turned out to not being a trailer injury but an over use injury. Doc's hooves were worn down to nothing as well.
He was skinny and scared of people when Trina got him. When you would enter the stall and he felt cornered he would run over top of you to get away. (a true sign of abuse of a horse so well built who could move cattle for years and comes up lame, we all know the time it takes for horses to lose weight like Doc did and how they become fearfully of humans.It would appear that when he was injured they set him to the side to see if he would heal and when he did not they pushed him, they did not feed him correctly and lied about why he was at the auction that day in 2014)
She spent her time with Doc in a stall with no halter on him, showing he could trust her, she was not going to hurt him and that she was not afraid of him.
The end result between them was an unbreakable bond of love and trust.
She was the only person who could catch Doc right up to the day she laid him to rest. 

See horses are NOT food animals, they are COMPANION animals and they should be classified as such. Because horses are not raised for slaughter they must be "purchased", so it seems to keep down the abundant amount of over bred and unwanted horses in the horse world as of today. See they call this a controlled form of euthanasia, however this is not even close to being the truth  it is just what the words indicate HORSE SLAUGHTER, and it is a slaughter, and it must change.  

America's horses as I mentioned above, are raised as companion animals, NOT AS A FOOD SOURCE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION..... The FDA classifies them as nonfood animals - yet horses are medicated over the coarse of their life with toxic carcinogenic substances frequently. Although Americans have spoken loud and clear that they do NOT support horse slaughter it continues via export in a legislative loophole. However because of their medicated status American horse meat has been found to be carcinogenic & pathogenic. Not only has horse meat been found in USDA ground meat, it is found frequently replacing more expensive meats in documented worldwide food fraud.We find it irresponsible at best to allow proven disease causing meat to be exported as food; and reprehensible to allow the practice of horse slaughter to continue when Americans have shown time and time again they oppose horse slaughter. 

Why do you think approx. 80% of Americans are against horse slaughter? Because the simple facts stand out loud and clear that not only is horse slaughter inhumane ie they are not effectively stunned with captive bolt guns due to their nature of being a flight or fight animal, and the horse is very much alive after being only rendered semi conscience prior to their brutal death. The other is their transport to slaughter yet the USDA clearly states ..... as per their video " No argument about the need for treating horses that are sold for slaughter in a human way. There health and well being must be safeguarded. When shipping horses to slaughter these animals deserve to be kept in the best physical condition possible and being transported they need to be free from fatigue, dehydration, stress and trauma. Is is simply common sense it is simply common decency". Now take a look at this video to see what truly happens to horses in transit to the borders, in this case the border is Mexico So may I conclude that yet according to the USDA they claim America's horses both wild and domestic, are treated with common sense and decency in their transport to the borders for slaughter for human consumption as they proclaim to do so in their video above, then why are they treated so horribly prior to their arrival at the slaughterhouse? for example from Sugarcreek,OH which is one of the largest auctions facilities for horses in the USA these horses that are going to the horse slaughter face a grueling journey to the collecting station in Morton,TX. - 1470 miles away. The truck had loaded 43 horses onto two decks, even though to date double deck haling trailers are now outlawed, but the fact still remains the same that these horses are packed tightly onto single deck trailers with no room to move on slippery metal floors covered in urine and feces which makes it treacherous and extremely difficult to stand while the semi loaded down makes their way down the highway , while these horses endure every bump and jolt of the road felt through the floor of the trailer beneath their hooves. It takes from Sugarcreek , Ohio 34 hours and 15 minutes to get there, all with no rest, no food, no water waiting to live and waiting to die for these Ohio horses. Once arriving in Morton, Texas the horses are offloaded yet onto another uncovered trailer with no protection from the Texas sun still very tired, hungry and very thirsty. They are no loaded and bound for the slaughter house further down into Mexico what is left of these Ohio horses , and without a USDA veterinarian to check these Ohio horses that have been on the road now for three to 4 days, to see if they are fit for traveling, checking the horses health from possible injuries sustained during travel, and their over all well being to see if they are fit for traveling to their final destination to the slaughter plant which is yet another grueling 470 miles from Morton, Texas. This transport of Ohio horses has not changed, yet the USDA claims horses are shipped with common sense and decency. 

Not only is the transport of Ohio horses in humane as is the shipment of every horse sent to slaughter from other states, there is a concern even greater to become alarmed about.....This needs to be a concern to everyone because the main issue to me here is what are we as American's are consuming from these American horses, which are Ohio horses and other horses in our other states and why should folks overseas and here in the States consume horse meat that is toxic for all of us to consume. So yes the slaughtering of America's horses is brutal, barbaric and by no means a controlled form of euthanasia, and this is something many or most of us all can agree on, but the fact that remains is what has baffled me for the longest time why, and this is also something I will never wrap my head around is why would we as a nation condone and support the poisoning on a global level to human beings with the consumption of lethal toxic horse flesh to be served on someone's dinner plate? Over 300 USDA banned toxic chemicals can be found in horse meat. One of which is Phenylbutazone better known as "BUTE" in the horse world. It is used on a wide variety of health issues for horses from every walk of life and disciplines.  Used much like Aspirin for people, yet this medicine is lethal if consumed by human beings, and should not be used in animals that are bred or raised as a food source. Here is the link to the FDA "Food and Drug Administration" which provides a wide view of medicines given to our equine yes our companion horse friends. next is a list of some meds. like Ivermectin, Phenylbutzone, Yet horses still to this day are transported to the borders of Mexico and Canada for slaughter for human consumption. So if the FDA clearly states the facts in the link provided tell me why then if BUTE is not to be used in HORSES intended for human consumption and or a food source why the hell are horses still being shipped to their death for a human being to EAT? 

I think I have made my point here, This is DOC'S legacy. We need to come together, stand up, stand tall, and do what is right not only by our horses whom have helped settle this great nation to what it is today, but to each other as well as mankind was intended the human race to be, a compassionate loving people.

So please join me in sharing DOC"S legacy, and help end horse slaughter for human consumption in every state, and in every land before it is too late for all of us.....

Thank you to DOC, may his loving beautiful rescue from feedlot to a forever home filled with love and compassion live forever in the hearts of all whom are the compassionate ones, putting morals and values back into the hearts of the American people,and allow DOC'S legacy to grow in strength and in numbers to help further educate the public on the lives and well being of our majestic horses both domestic and our wild Mustangs and Donkeys, and the health of every man, woman and child who consume their meat. Blessings to Trina Baze, DOC"S loving earth angel mother, companion and friend to this unique amazing beautiful horse.

Please take a look at the links provided, and help make your VOICES known, and let's take our VOICES to the top of that mountain nationally for every horse that has ever walked the slaughter pipeline, and for those horses to this day that still remains locked within the gates of hell behind the chains of slaughter that bind them to a life of solitude and certain death.

So, my question to you the public is .......... 

ARE YOU IN ????? Do this for DOC, and become part of TEAM DOCCI "DOC" with us on and our sister page More info can be found about Hang A Halter right here . Learn more about how rescuing horses from a horrible fate can change the world for that one horse ..... Remember ..........









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