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Place Warning Labels on Dairy Products

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We the American public demand warning labels on all dairy products under the federal food drug and cosmetic act of 1938! Dairy products contain the bovine growth hormone IGF-1. IGF-1  is a naturally occurring hormone that is found both in cow milk and human milk. Its purpose is to help cells grow. It's responsible in part for the quick growth of infants in both species. This hormone is not destroyed in the pasteurization process nor during human digestion and it is absorbed to our bloodstream virtually unchanged and is therefore biologically active. When human non-infants consume cows milk, it most likely behaves as a cancer accelerator, due to the fact that human grow on a much slower rate then calves. Dairy also creates acidic protein that can leach calcium out of your bones, which can lead to osteoporosis.  Along with the risk of cancer and bone degeneration, the average somatic cell count (pus) in the U.S per spoonful is 1,120,000, these pus cells are filled with bacteria and hormones that may cause or worsen acne and arthritic inflammation.          Although today’s doctors recommend daily dairy consumption, there are many health issues associated with dairy intake. In other parts of the world where dairy consumption is either non-existent or at much lower levels, these health problems occur at much lower rates.  Remember during the 1950’s doctor’s actually starred in advertising campaigns advocating the use of tobacco as healthy. We demand dairy products come with a label warning of the possible disease’s that they may cause exactly the same as tobacco, alcohol and other harmful substances.   We the American people are entitled to know the dangers associated with putting dairy products into our bodies and the bodies of our children ***I urge you to educate yourself and others of the dangers of dairy products presented to you in this petition so we can create a healthier world and tear down the lies of the dairy industry.  

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