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Close Waccatee Zoo

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A disgusting place with deplorable conditions. I have never felt so heartbroken leaving a facility with animals in my entire existence. The large cats were extremely thin and pacing with dirty water in every enclosure that I saw. People were throwing the junk that they give you in cups at the bear and I watched the "people that run the place" do NOTHING. The baboon has sores, most of the animals there have matted fur, and almost all look underfed. The tortoises were eating the disgusting stuff out of the cups off of the dirt and I could see nowhere in the closet sized pen where they had access to any greens of any kind. If they can't afford to care for these animals; they need to relinquish them to other organizations that can offer adequate housing and food. I can't imagine how much suffering they are going to do this summer in those horrible metal prisons. I hope that they never make another penny and these animals can be saved before it is too late for them. I can only imagine that most if not all wish their life would just be over. There fate as of now is something worse than death.

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