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Ban The Use of Calf Weaning Rings

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It's called a calf weaning ring, and is used widely on dairy farms  all over the United States.  It's a device that is used to curb the most natural instinct between a mother and a baby, the instinct to nurse.  The weaning ring has been taunted by the dairy industry as an easy way to wean calves at an early age , when they would naturally nurse until around 12 months old. On most dairy farms( including small dairy farms), calves do not get to stay with their mothers long enough to be weaned naturally.   This early weaning is very traumatic for both the mother and her calf.  According to the USDA, 97% of claves are ripped from their mothers within the first 24 hours of life, the rest are taken away within a few days.    The weaning ring is a spiked plate, sometimes plastic , sometimes metal that is affixed to the face of a young calf, it is shoved into the nostrils and often held into place with a wing nut.  It has two purposes it covers the mouth of the calf and obstructs it's ability to nurse, and the prongs stab the udders of the mother which causes discomfort to her and causes her to push the calf away.  This again discourages nursing.  This is just one of the torture devices used in the dairy industry, so that humans can drink the milk of cows, even though it has been scientifically proven that mother's milk is species specific.  Cows milk is designed with concentrations of hormones and proteins to turn a calf into a 1000lb cow by a year of age, while human milk has the right amounts of fatty acids, lactose, protein, and amino acids for human infant development. The levels of hormones and proteins found in cows milk is unnecessary and unhealthy for humans, especially children. 

Some dairy calves are so traumatized by early weaning and the urge to nurse is so strong that they will try to nurse on the udders of other calves.  This causes a hormone imbalance in the suckled calf and damages their young, immature, udders.  In these cases the nose plates are used to prevent calves from suckling on other calves.  The use of calf weaning rings is inhumane and must stop.

Secretary of U.S. Department of Agriculture , please ban the use of calf weaning rings.  They are inhumane torture devices that cause trauma and physical discomfort and damage to both dairy cows and their calves.

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