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Ban Puppy Mills

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      When I was a kid I wanted a puppy so badly. So naturally the easiest thing to do was to go to our local pet store and buy one. Only years later would I find out where our dog truly came from: a puppy mill.

      When I looked up what a puppy mill was, I felt sick to my stomach. A puppy mill is a commercial dog-breeding facility that cares very little about a dog's well being and more about the money. In less opinionated words, they care about increasing profit with very little overhead cost.

      Everyday in puppy mills across America, and the world, puppies are abused, neglected, and often get very sick from the horrid conditions they're left to live in. The minimum amount of space for a dog that is 11 inches is 2.01 square feet and only 6 inches above the head of every size of dog That's pretty small. Outdoor/ sporty types of dogs are even worse off in these conditions. They need room to run around and play.

      Most of the time the food can be contaminated, leaving disease ridden puppies as well as malnourished ones. For female dogs breeding could be deadly. They're bred at every opportunity they can get. They often get little to no recovery time at all between litters. When they physically cannot reproduce anymore they are often killed.

      Puppy mills have limited or even no regulation at all for clean up control. This means puppies could be living in their own and other's urine and feces. Most puppy mills also don't have veterinary care, climate control, or protection of the animals from the weather.

      I could go on and on about the horrible conditions these puppies are left in, but I'm going to cut this short. I beg of you please, adopt don't shop! Let's all work together to adopt animals from shelters and put puppy mills out of business!



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