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Every year, millions of sensitive animals ie, cows, sheep, pigs are crammed into crates and thrown ALIVE onto large container ships, long haul trucks and trains for journeys which can take up to 3 weeks....many suffer endlessly, left without food or enough water and most cannot even move their heads due to be pushed up so closely against each other. Currently, there is a large ocean liner off Perth holding over 13,000 live animals onboard which is stranded in 40 degree heat on their way to Asia. Tragically, these poor, sweet creatures are forced to live in pain up through their journey then either have their throat slit and hung upside down in agony by the Halal supporters or just shot or bludgeoned by other slaughter yards, just to fill our gluttonous bellies!. PLEASE, WE MUST JOIN TOGETHER AS THE INTELLIGENT RACE AND STOP THIS ONE AND FOR ALL. 

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Linda Firmani needs your help with “United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Australian Department of Agriculture, PETA, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, WORLD ANINIMAL PROTECTION, IFAW, ANIMAL PROTECTION AND DEFENCE LEAGUE, Eu...: BAN THE TRANSPORTATION OF LIVE ANIMALS FOR SLAUGHT...”. Join Linda and 5,773 supporters today.