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Adopt those animals that are in shelters! Make it illegal to breed a pet more than once!

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I do not believe in breeding dogs/ cats simply because there are too many animals that already need homes. Our society needs to focus on adopting/ rescuing a pet rather than reproducing more. Every day innocent animals are "put to sleep" because there is not enough room for them. But what bothers me the most is how picky and selfish people are; to the point that they refuse to adopt a dog/ cat from a shelter, which then leads to the concept of breeding. This problem between breeding instead of adopting creates a viscous cycle that results in the euthanization of animals. As these cats/ dogs live their lives behind bars, they eventually end up in distress with a slim chance of being rescued. Unfortunately, most of these animals will never feel loved, just abandoned. However, in order for the hopeless dogs/ cats that are already in shelters to be adopted rather than euthanized, breeding should be regulated. I truly believe that if the government makes it illegal to breed a pet more than once, there will be a drastic decrease of animals in shelters. For those of you that are not aware, approximately 2.7 million animals get euthanized each year. With that said, I hope that at the very least the government could pass a law allowing an owner to breed a maximum of 1 litter per pet. By regulating the reproduction rate, those animals in shelters would have a better chance of adoption, as well as living a happy/ healthy life outside of the pound. It truly breaks my heart knowing that approximately 7.6 million animals are in shelters each year. I want to find a way to lower the shelter rates by regulating breeding as a whole; in order to allow those hopeless dogs/ cats in shelters to not live their lives behind bars just to eventually get euthanized. By signing this petition, we can make a difference by giving our furry friends more than a distressed life behind bars!

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