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Amend the Animal Welfare Act and to provide more humane conditions for dogs

There are dogs across this entire country that are living in deplorable conditions. They live in cages that are only six inches larger than they are on all sides. They are not let out of their cages for exercise and females are bred every cycle until they can no longer produce a litter. She is usually then destroyed. A breeder can house up to twelve dogs in a single cage. These conditions are allowed by our government under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and regulated by the USDA. The USDA is also responsible for  monitoring these commercial breeding facilities and in most recent numbers have approximately 70 inspectors to monitor 10,000 facilities. In addition, these facilities have no limit on the number of dogs on their site, some have as many as 1,000. These dogs receive no veterinary care and are scarred physically as well as emotionally for life.  I ask that you join my cause in getting legistation passed that will make for more humane conditions for these dogs.  

Letter to
United States Department of Agriculture
I urge the lawmakers in this country to amend the current Animal Welfare Act. This act is in place to protect animals from inhumane care and treatment. However, it's minimum standard requirement is just that, inhumane, cruel and archaic. The current standards allow a breeder to house a dog in a cage that is 6 inches larger than that of the dog on all sides, house up to 12 dogs in a single cage and never release them for exercise. This act also allows a breeder to breed a female in heat during her first cycle and every cycle after that. These dogs are not given the proper veterinary care they require, especially in the case of filthy living conditions and puppies are removed from their mothers as early as 6 weeks of age and are shipped to various locations across the country. There is no limit as to how many dogs a breeder can house on their property, some have as many as 1,000.

These breeders are under the jurisdiction of The United States Department of Agriculture and that agency does not have the manpower to monitor the many breeding facilities throughout the country.

As dogs are not agriculture and should not be treated as such, these breeders should be monitored by an agency that has a stake in the welfare of these dogs.

Dogs by nature are companion animals; they seek out human attention and affection and have learned through our making to be this way. The dogs that are housed in these commercial breeding facilities have little or no human contact and are emotionally as well as physically scarred for life.

We ask through this petition that an amendment be made to the current AWA (Animal Welfare Act) and have these facilities removed from under the USDA's jurisdiction.

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