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United States Congress: Stop Senseless Deaths by People with Guns by Creating an Ammunition Responsibility Act.

On Dec 14, 2012, 17+ elementary school children were shot in CT. Earlier during the same week, a gunman opened fire on innocent people at a shopping mall. Months earlier people were shot in a movie theater. And this is all in addition to the senseless murders happening every day as innocent people are shot in cross fire, on public transportation vehicles and more, in our cities and towns. The gun lobby will not allow the passage of gun control but we MUST do something to make people responsible and  stop the killing. If we cannot control the guns, let's control the ammunition...and make those who buy, sell, house or pass along the ammunition responsible for the deaths they cause, if they do not keep the ammunition safe and off the streets.

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Members of Judiciary Committee and Interested Members of Congress United States Congress
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Stop Gun Deaths by People with Guns -- If you cannot pass gun control laws, pass an Ammunition Responsibility Act!

Pass a law that holds people criminally responsible for the ammunition they purchase or pass along the supply chain if the ammunition winds up injuring or killing someone.

Require that all ammunition be marked during manufacturing and that its ownership be registered by each owner or responsible party from the point of manufacture through sale to ultimate discharge/use and entry into an object or person. Create a national ammunition registry (funded by a tax on the sale of guns and ammunition) and require each piece of ammunition to be registered to the specific person or business who takes its ownership. Make the ammunition owner responsible for safeguarding its legal use. If ammunition is stolen, require that the registered owner report it within 24 hours. If it is not properly reported, the last registered owner remains responsible for its safeguard and in turn responsible if it is discharged and causes an injury or death.

An Ammunition Responsibility Act would not violate the second amendment…and would help each gun owner/supporter responsible for helping us prevent the tragic deaths of innocent people being senselessly shot in our elementary schools, shopping malls, movie theaters and streets of our country.