Ryan Zinke, Secretary of Interior --- SHOULD BE FIRED FOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

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Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, holds the most important environmental position in our country -- he is to oversee and wisely protect land, natural resources, including wildlife.  

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Ryan Zinke, a businessman, made the acquaintance of Donald Trump, Jr. --- both avid fans of trophy hunting, they clicked.  

After the election, Donald Trump, Jr. suggested to his father to appoint Ryan Zinke as the Secretary of the Interior, which he promptly did. 

Since that appointment, Mr. Zinke has proved himself to be an enemy of the environment and wildlife --- proposing sell offs of millions of acres of public lands, and National Parks, Monuments to drilling, fracking, and mining.  He even is eyeing the pristine and unique invaluable  Arctic Wildlife Refuge!!  This would cause irreparable damage to the region, the wildlife, and the indigenous people, who do not want drilling!  He has also supported the War on Wolves Act. 

Of recent, Mr. Zinke, obviously has been working hard with the Trump administration to lift the ban of ivory and elephant trophy imports into the USA from Africa.   He has also been feverishly issuing trophy hunting licenses to Americans to travel to Africa to further decimate elephant populations.  I believe his actions on this constitute a conflict of interest, as he is a trophy hunter.  In addition, he does not have the philosophy of an environmental protector in any capacity that he has demonstrated. 

Mr. Zinke should be relieved of his post due to conflict of interest immediately!   He is obviously a puppet for the Trump anti-wildlife administration!