Petition to Grant Nike Radar System Veterans VA Disability Before We All Die.

Petition to Grant Nike Radar System Veterans VA Disability Before We All Die.

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Larry Francis started this petition to President Donald J. Trump and

If you worked around MILITARY RADAR EVER PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION: My name is Larry Francis. I am a Nike Ajax/Hercules radar system veteran. I worked on one like this one for 3 years and 2 months in the Navy. I am quite sick from my time in the Navy. I have found many studies that have been completed in the last 20 years that contradict the VA's assumption that large, long duration, repeated doses of microwave radiation from a military radar, like the Nike Radar system, has been proven to cause many diseases in humans. The largest study is listed at:

on the U.S. National Library of Medicine's website. This is one of our countries premier peer reviewed medical research study publishing organizations, where every medical study is rigorously screened by MD's and graduate degreed researchers for accuracy and experimental methodology and the researchers have to be well educated, to get their medical research studies published).

It is a meta study and references 128 separate studies that affirm that large, repeated doses of microwave radiation are not only very harmful in many ways, but can be deadly.

Also, please read Dr. Cherry's study also:

 Please read this meta study and Dr. Cherry's study and change the regulations that the VA uses to decide disability claims for those of us many veterans that have worked on these radar systems and are suffering, have suffered and have died for simply wanting to serve our country. Right now our diseases are not being recognized as being caused by our service in the military and many deserving veterans are being abandoned by our country to suffer in poverty. There were over 2000 Nike Radar sites all over the world and 300 here in the United States with as many as half a million veterans who worked at these bases at any one time. We all have the same diseases.

 This petition matters to me also, because I have 24 of the diseases that are listed in the 128 separate studies in the PMC5607572 study.

Do you have depression, OCD, glaucoma, sleep apnea, thyroid issues, hearing issues (tinnitus), recurrent sinus infections, GERD, diabetic or pre-diabetic, pituitary gland issues, recurrent bronchitis, spinal issues (like having to has a laminectomy), due to the radar softening your bones, (osteomalacia), scarring of the lungs, or partial collapse of the lungs (bilaterial atelectasis), all of these cause recurrent bronchitis and sinus infections, the radar damages the Alveoli in the lungs, low testosterone, low sperm count, ED, degenerative skeletal disease, arthritis, and the list goes on. Think about this, the radar especially if your radar van was closer than 124 feet from the LOPAR and the HIPAR danger zone was even farther. Did you work on any of the radars, when they were up and running? The vans are made from magnesium and are not a Fadaday shield,  like in your microwave oven at home and therefore offered NO protection from the microwave radiation.

Think about a job where you have your left hand in a hole in a microwave oven that comes on every 5 seconds for 1 second (the rotation rate most of the time for the LOPAR was 15 rotations a minute) and you kept your hand in that microwave oven all day, every day, 5 days a week for over three years. Do you really think at the end of the three years your left hand is going to be just like your right hand? No one with any common sense will believe that their left hand would have remained unchanged. But as you know the VA does not deal in common sense.

Actually they do deal in common sense, their common sense, their common sense which is to save the US government money over your health a veteran. That is more important to them than you or me are. The VA's job is to provide cover for the sins of the DOD. Think, Atomic veterans, Agent Orange veterans, this is not the first time that the VA refuses to provide disability to veterans who have been in on a large scale hurt by what the DOD did to us and they are unwilling to admit it.

Right now, the microwave radiation regulations at the VA (who makes those policies that are then turned in to USC code (administrative law)) are based on two 20 year old DOD studies that say there is no harmful effects of large power (the LOPAR antenna puts out 1 MILLION WATTS, your household microwave oven puts out 1000 watts of microwave radiation), short repeated duration, (LOPAR rotating) microwave radiation doses. That just defies both common sense, and the attached study above and the facts.

There have already been over 200 Nike microwave radiation syndrome cases that have made it all the way to a VA law judges and have been turned down by the VA law judges (they have to do by the USC code).

I am trying to get the US Code changed, just like for the Camp Lejune, Atomic vets and the Agent Orange vets did. This will take a congressional law to be passed. It will cost the federal government a lot of money, but right now there is a lot of positive sentiment to help veterans at the federal level. We will see if President Trump and Congress is willing to put their actions where there mouths are.          

Larry Francis, PhD student, MPA, BAIS

P.S. My PhD is in Public Administration, so I have a fair idea how this game is played. It is played with massive veteran social media support and it starts with this petition. Once I get 2000 signatures I will send it to every congressman that is on the VA disability committee and my senators and representatives and President Trump. I have their actual fax numbers. Please sign the petition and get every person you know to sign it. PLEASE FOR ALL OF US!!!

P.S.S. I am working on the letter now.  

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!