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United States Congress: Pass the IRE Irish Immigration Bill

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This is the everyday situation in Ireland, long lines of job seekers searching for an opportunity.  Irish people are facing the harsh reality of probably the most difficult economic environment they will ever experience in their lifetime, and the hard-working Irish are looking for hope. 

You can help bring hope and opportunity to Irish people by signing this petition now, and by urging Congress to pass the IRE Irish Immigration Bill. The Irish Government is doing its best to overcome these difficulties, and we have every confidence in them that they will, but we the people have to help the Irish Government in their efforts.

Irish people are currently facing the worst economic crisis since the Irish Famine of the 1840's. Irish people served a crucial role in making America the great nation that it is today. The Irish are not only hard working people but also dedicated and skilled in many professions and fields. Thousands of Irish American's work, study and contribute to the U.S. economy,  but many people living in Ireland are still facing a very uncertain future. With the current European economic financial situation, now more than ever is the time to pass this Irish IRE Immigration bill. The IRE Irish Immigration Bill is a temporary measure that will afford Irish nationals both skilled and unskilled, with the much needed opportunity to live and work legally in the United States, and then after a few years return home to a brighter future.  

Although we fully support the recently proposed E3 immigration bill, nothing has happened as of yet, and the Irish are frustrated that their voices are not being heard. Our proposed alternative, the IRE immigration bill seeks to provide an intermediate solution that is temporary in nature, and therefore can be easily passed. It is designed specifically to help alleviate the pressure of mounting unemployment back in Ireland due to the financial crisis, until such time as the economic situation improves. We believe therefore that a greater number of visas could be issued under the IRE immigration bill, greater than the 10500 currently proposed under the E3 bill. Therefore, the proposed IRE bill is not a replacement or opponent of the currently proposed Irish E3, but instead another Bill fighting shoulder to shoulder for the rights of Irish-Americans.

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